We organized an internal conference of the "Milsa" group of companies in Kaunas!
April 11 An internal conference of the "Milsa" group of companies was held in Kaunas.
We supply crushed stone for the bicycle path reconstruction project to Smiltynė - Nida
The Lithuanian Road Administration has already started the 3rd and 4th stages of the Smiltynė–Nida cycle path, which stretches through Juodkrantė towards Pervalka and Preila.
In 2023 we transported 190 sea containers on the cargo shipping route Kaunas - Klaipėda
After the Inland Waterways Directorate modernized the shipping route between Kaunas and Klaipėda in the summer of last year, we are also pleased with the excellent results in using the new method of transporting products!
"Milsa occupies Malta"
In the Milsa group of companies, we pay great attention not only to work and the implementation of the intended goals, but also to strengthening the connection between colleagues, quality time together.
We participated in the Lithuanian and Spanish transport sector business forum
Last week, as members of the Lithuanian Railway Association GELPA, we participated in the bilateral Business Forum of the Lithuanian and Spanish Transport Sector, held for the first time in Vilnius, where the transport sector projects were presented by representatives of Lithuanian airports,...
Rimantas Žiliukas
Rimantas advises young professionals not to be afraid of work, innovation and to believe in themselves, because there are no impossible things - you just need to give them enough time.
We follow the principles of social sustainability in our activities!
For our group of companies, social responsibility is not only beautiful words, but principles of activity that guide us in our daily work and strategic planning of companies' activities.
In the "Milsa" group of companies, we are constantly improving our knowledge and skills
On January 18, trainings "The most effective solutions for working with quarry construction techniques" were held in "Klovainiai skalda", which was conducted by Meel Mitt, an Estonian engineer with many years of experience in working with quarry machines, chief adviser of AS Baltem.
Genadijus Šubelko
"I'm glad that while working here I understood and felt what good teamwork is." says Genadijus
We received a gold medal in the "Lithuanian Product of the Year 2023" awards
In the competition "Lithuanian Product of the Year 2023", our dolomite stone fr. 63-180 mm and fr. 180-480 mm, dedicated to the construction of nemunas bunas in the project of the Inland Waterways Directorate, was awarded a gold medal in the category of construction materials industry!
Awards were presented to the employees of "Milsa" at the profession celebration
Every year on December 4, St. Patrick's Day is celebrated. Barbora is the day of the patron saint of miners, on the occasion of which since 2015.
Sandra Paužaitė
"I am always looking for the best solutions that are suitable for our organization." Says Sandra.
1 of the 4 sections of the A5 "Via Baltica" highway was opened
Today, 1 of the 4 sections of the A5 "Via Baltica" highway was opened, which was reconstructed by the road construction company Fegda, UAB , and we presented about 125 thousand km for the works. tons of dolomite crushed stone mixture for the base of the road and more than 100 thousand tons. tons...
Artūras Laskauskas
The journey of Artūras, who has been working with us for five years, the manager of operational efficiency projects, indirectly started in "Milsa" when he was still a child.
We work to prioritize these principles
In the Milsa group of companies, we implement each strategic decision and daily work taking into account the strong values of the organization.
We are transporting the first load on the Nemunas River
We recently talked about our plans to transport our cargo on the Nemunas, and today we want to celebrate that the plans have turned into reality - the first cargo is already being transported on the river!
We are designing a new technological line in Klovainiai
In our plans for the future – an even more productive factory in Klovainiai!
We belong to the service association of railway companies "Gelpa"
We appreciate the opportunity to participate in such events. We hope to contribute to the activities of the association and thereby strengthen the railway industry.
We produce some of the electricity we use on our roofs
With the increase in electricity prices in recent years, we started looking for long-term solutions that led to renewable energy.
You can't choose your neighbors - we think otherwise!
Just recently, we resurrected one of our unused buildings for a "second life"!
We plan to transport our cargo in Nemunas
September 15 Inland Waterways Directorate has started the cargo shipping phase in the Nemunas
165 Years Together - Milsa Group Anniversary Event
This title represents a very long history of being together. 2019-2020 are the anniversary years for the companies of Milsa Group: Granitas, UAB, Granitinė skalda, UAB and Klovainių skalda, AB celebrate, respectively, 60-, 55- and 50-year anniversaries.
Milsa Group Awarded Gold Medal of the Lithuanian Product of the Year 2019
December 12th, 2019, Milsa Group was awarded the title of Lithuanian Product of the Year 2019 and were given the gold medal by the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists for the following fractions of crushed granite: fr. 2-8 mm, fr. 8-16 mm, and fr. 16-22 mm for concrete roads.
Milsa Group Awarded the Successfully Performing Enterprise Prize for the Second Consecutive Year!
The Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists announced the Milsa Group as the winner of the Successfully Performing Enterprise nomination in the group of medium-sized enterprises for the second year in a row.
Milsa, UAB CEO Mantas Makulavičius Wins Young CEO of the Year Award
The winners of “CEO of the Year” awards were announced during the annual conference “Verslas 2020” on the 23rd of October, 2019. Mantas Makulavičius, the CEO of Milsa, UAB was announced as the winner of “Young CEO of the Year” award.
LG CARGO Signs an Agreement with Milsa: Will Carry up to 2 Million Tonnes of Rubble Annually.
Strategic partners Milsa, UAB, one of the largest rubble manufacturers and suppliers in Lithuania, and LG Cargo, have signed a long-term cooperation agreement; the plan is to transport up to 2 million tonnes of rubble annually for 3 years.
Milsa Group Technology Day 2019
Milsa Group organized a recurring event Milsa Group Technology Day 2019 on the 4th of July in a quarry belonging to Klovainių skalda, AB. Representatives from the largest Lithuanian road, bridge and railway construction companies, manufacturers of concrete and reinforced concrete products and...