Milsa, UAB is a company, founded by D. Makulavičius in 1991, straight away after regaining the independence. The company began crushed dolomite export to Germany during the same year. In 1995 Milsa, UAB started trading in technological equipment for the production of mineral materials. In the same year, during the privatization process, the company acquired a controlling stake in Granitinė skalda, UAB, a year later, in Klovainių skalda, AB and in 2003, in Granitas, UAB. Within the period from 2005 to 2016, Milsa, UAB was managing the granite quarry and crushed rock factory OOO Selishche Granite Quarry in Ukraine.

Today the company is one of the largest producers and suppliers of crushed granite and dolomite in Lithuania. The main activity of the company is wholesale trade of crushed granite and dolomite. Milsa Group consists of Milsa, UAB, Klovainių skalda, AB, Granitas, UAB and Granitinė skalda, UAB.

Milsa, UAB participates in the activities of the Lithuanian Roads Association, Construction Industry Association, and technical committees of the Lithuanian Standards Board. Milsa, UAB together with other road construction material companies (Granitas, UAB, Granitinė skalda, UAB, Klovainių skalda, AB) have established Milsa ir Ko Association Aggregates Producers.

Social responsibility

Milsa, UAB follows principles based on transparent and tolerant business practices, a safe, clean and environmentally friendly environment. Standards of quality and activity are implemented in the company's daily operations. On the constant basis, the company contributes to the improvement of the social environment and fosters employee awareness.

The company distinguishes itself by the following features characteristic of socially responsible companies:

  • Transparency (compliance with laws, "clean money", no "backdoor salary");
  • Socially just and clear pay principles, understandable for all employees;
  • Attention to safety and health and working conditions of the employees;
  • Continuous improvement of the mental health climate at work;
  • Compliance with ethical and moral standards at work, no tolerance for any form of discrimination;
  • Employee empowerment and engagement: execution of employee ideas and suggestions;
  • Organization of employee leisure time, promotion of healthy lifestyle and communication improvement.

By implementing the measures mentioned above, we believe in the development of a sustainable business, which cares about our customers, employees and the environment.


Contact info

Milsa, UAB
Legal entity No. 133088980
VAT code: LT330889811


Elektrėnų g. 16 
LT-51205 Kaunas, Lithuania
Phone: +370 37 35 23 65 

Bank account

Acc LT417044060002842236
AB SEB bank. Bank code 70440

Ponas akmuo
Retail sale of rubble and stone products
Phone: +370 659 56666 (Kaunas)
Mob. phone: +370 613 56112 (Vilnius)
E-mail: info@ponasakmuo.lt
Sonata Pikčiūtė
Phone: +370 374 57706
Mob. phone: +370 691 16750
E-mail: info@milsa.lt
Gintautas Kiela
Head of northern region sales
Mob. phone: +370 615 35955
E-mail: g.kiela@milsa.lt
Domantas Stanikūnas
Head of south region sales manager
Mob. phone: +370 687 26864
E-mail: d.stanikunas@milsa.lt
Edgaras Kulikauskas
Head of Eastern and Western Regional Sales Manager
Mob. phone: +370 609 17245
E-mail: e.kulikauskas@milsa.lt
Rimvydas Valys
Railway transportation manager
Phone: +370 37 457706
Mob. phone: +370 618 77849
E-mail: r.valys@milsa.lt
Linas Rudzevičius
Cargo project manager
Mob. phone: +370 686 50820
E-mail: l.rudzevicius@milsa.lt
Tomas Abukaitis
Road transport projects manager
Mob. phone: +370 616 47232
E-mail: t.abukaitis@milsa.lt
Mindaugas Koženiauskas
Logistikos vadovas
Mob. phone: +370 603 59276
E-mail: m.kozeniauskas@milsa.lt
Darius Strumskys
Purchasing manager
Mob. phone: +370 687 77411
E-mail: d.strumskys@milsa.lt
Gediminas Rudzevičius
Purchasing manager
Phone: +370 374 57706
Mob. phone: +370 686 58113
E-mail: g.rudzevicius@milsa.lt
Viktoras Žilinas
Technical director
Mob. phone: +370 687 88343
E-mail: v.zilinas@milsa.lt
Ruslan Pilžis
Chief commercial officer
Mob. phone: +370 687 81732
E-mail: r.pilzis@milsa.lt
Vilma Balčienė
Invoice administrator
Mob. phone: +370 663 14399
E-mail: v.balciene@milsa.lt
Jonas Ridzvanavičius
Internal auditor
Phone: +370 373 52373
Mob. phone: +370 618 56339
E-mail: j.ridzvanavicius@milsa.lt
Tomas Raulušavičius
Chief financial officer
Phone: +370 373 52373
Mob. phone: +370 611 20650
E-mail: buhalterija@milsa.lt
Sandra Paužaitė
Head of HR
Mob. phone: +370 658 31684
E-mail: s.pauzaite@milsa.lt
Daiva Garkavenko
Investment projects manager
Mob. phone: +370 687 88353
E-mail: d.garkavenko@milsa.lt
Mindaugas Verbickas
Managing director
Mob. phone: +370 652 65237
E-mail: m.verbickas@milsa.lt
Mantas Makulavičius
Phone: +370 373 52365
Mob. phone: +370 618 77850
E-mail: m.makulavicius@milsa.lt