UAB "Granitas" and UAB "Granitinė skalda" merge into "Gruno"

2024 04 04

We constantly want to improve the activities of the Milsa group of companies, so in the spring we are greeted with changes and a new name GRUNO! From 2 April, in order to improve the management efficiency of uab "Granitas" and UAB "Granitinis skalda", they are changing the management structure.

From now on, the loading and transport service units of the two factories will merge and will be renamed to Vilnius and Kaunas divisions, and the smooth operation of their infrastructure will continue to be taken care of by the mobile team of the farm's energy division.

An important change is marked by the new name of the common team GRUNO - its first letters symbolize the names of companies, and "uno" means unity and harmonious work of the team. We wish the team easy adaptation to change and smooth work!