Granitinė skalda


Granitinė skalda, UAB is a granite factory in Vilnius, active for over 50 years. In 1965, Granitas Association of Road Construction Material Enterprises started production of crushed rock in Paneriai territorial base of its Vilnius branch. It is considered to be the beginning of Granitinė skalda, UAB activity. In 1992 after regaining the independence, the legal status of Granitas was changed into a public limited liability company. In 1995, the Vilnius branch was reorganized to Granitinė skalda, AB.

Today Granitinė skalda, UAB is one of the largest and financially stable producers and suppliers of crushed granite in Lithuania. The company's main activity is production of certified crushed granite of various fractions and loading of mineral materials.

The company is a member of Milsa ir Ko Association Aggregates Producers.

Social responsibility

Granitinė skalda, UAB follows principles based on transparent and tolerant business practices, a safe, clean and environmentally friendly environment. Standards of quality and activity are implemented in the company's daily operations. On the constant basis, the company contributes to the improvement of the social environment and fosters employee awareness.

The company distinguishes itself by the following features characteristic of socially responsible companies:

  • Transparency (compliance with laws, "clean money", no "backdoor salary");
  • Socially just and clear pay principles, understandable for all employees;
  • Attention to safety and health and working conditions of the employees;
  • Continuous improvement of the mental health climate at work;
  • Compliance with ethical and moral standards at work, no tolerance for any form of discrimination;
  • Employee empowerment and engagement: execution of employee ideas and suggestions;
  • Organization of employee leisure time, promotion of healthy lifestyle and communication improvement.

By implementing the measures mentioned above, we believe in the development of a sustainable business, which cares about our customers, employees and the environment.


Contact info

Granitinė skalda, UAB
Legal entity No. 120090821
VAT code: LT200908219


Granito g. 2, LT-02241, Vilnius
Phone +370 5 2640360

Bank account

Acc. LT127044060000306596
AB SEB bank. Bank code 70440