Irena Garbačiauskienė

2024 04 23

Meet Irena! She is a person who does not miss any numbers in the Milsa group of companies, and diving into the accounting tables is a pleasure. The chief accountant has been working here for 36 years.

Although she has been working here for a long time, Irena says that she does not promise to change anything, because she likes her work, has excellent colleagues and constantly has opportunities to improve her knowledge and learn new things.

"Since I started working, the circle of colleagues has obviously changed. I used to be the youngest, and now I'm almost the oldest! I can see the company's growth and modernization up close. From the very beginning, we still calculated with calculators or calculators - I remember well, when they brought the first computer and after learning how to use it, we realized how it could make work easier," says Irena.

The specialist is happy that the group of companies fosters traditions that strengthen the team's bond and allow them to get to know each other better not only in the work environment.

"This is the second year we have organized a spring conference, where training for the administration takes place, and the most memorable trip this year was a trip to Malta, where colleagues from the entire group of companies flew. Everyone really liked it there, the employees felt valued", - shares the impression of the manager. Accountant.